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  • What are the advantages and uses of an IP67 Waterproof Smart Watch?

    IP67 Waterproof Smart Watch, Smart Watch, Ipx7 Waterproof Summary: The following press release helps you understand the advantages and uses of an IP67 Waterproof Smart Watch. These days, many Indians use Ip67 Waterproof Smart Watch to keep track of their health and fitness. Smartwatches rely on sensors to track your…
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  • How does a Sonic Toothbrush benefit you?

    Electric Toothbrush, Sonic Toothbrush, Smart Eyewear An Electric Toothbrush that utilizes sonic waves is called a Sonic Toothbrush. This is because the sonic waves stimulate the salivary gland, which promotes saliva production. Benefits of the Sonic Toothbrush: Here are a few benefits of sonic toothbrush. Please scroll down to know…
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  • What is a Health Monitoring Watch, and How Can It Help You?

    Health Monitoring Watch, Bluetooth Smart Glasses Summary: The following article helps you understand what is a Health Monitoring Watch, and How Can It Help You. A Health Monitoring Watch is an extension of a smartphone - it receives notifications, answers phone calls from your wrist, lets you use apps, and…
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  • From the perspective of brand cooperation, the main control chip competition pattern highlights the trend of head concentration

    The hotness of the TWS headset market has caused many chip manufacturers to compete on the Bluetooth audio SoC, constantly launching various Bluetooth true wireless solutions. Big brands with self-developed chips tend to use self-developed chips in order to obtain the best optimization of their own products, such as Apple…
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  • Low power audio LE Audio

    On January 7, 2020, the Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) released a new generation of Bluetooth audio technology standard, LE Audio, at CES2020 in Las Vegas. LE Audio will use the new Low Complexity Communication Codec (LC3) to provide higher sound quality and lower power consumption. Compared with the SBC…
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  • Noise reduction (active noise reduction + call noise reduction)

    Active noise reduction is mainly used to play audio, monitor the environmental noise through headphones, and then emit sound waves with opposite phases and equal intensity. After the two are superimposed, the noise is canceled. To achieve such a function, the headset needs an outgoing microphone to receive ambient noise,…
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