From hardware to ecology, the future of TWS differentiation

Over the past few years, Apple has continued to lead the product innovation of TWS headsets. The functions of noise reduction, waterproofing, and voice control are all Apple's first. However, with the perfection of the supply chain process, each TWS earphone brand is rapidly following up, while the product penetration rate is increasing, and the technology continues to sink. We expect that in the future, the market will mature, and value-added functions such as noise reduction, waterproofing, and voice control will be widely popularized, and mainstream products will achieve better connectivity and endurance performance. TWS headsets will tend to be homogenous in terms of hardware functions, and brands will compete in differentiation through the development of content and software.

Under this trend, we are more optimistic about the development of TWS headsets of leading mobile phone brands such as HMOV. At present, the TWS headset market is thriving, and many small factories are blooming, but in the future, they will still gather to the leading mobile phone brands with a large mobile phone user base. As each mobile phone brand has the advantages of content and software development, it can form an ecology with its own smart phone. Mobile phone brands will bring a good experience to headset users through in-depth development, voice assistants, interactive design health testing and other software content.

Post time: 2020-08-04