How to use wireless mouse?

The wireless mouse generally has two parts, one is the transceiver for receiving, and the other is the wireless mouse.Connect the transceiver (usually plug in the usb interface), and turn it on, the mouse will generally be equipped with a pair of rechargeable batteries, (just bought When you come back, there is no electricity, you have to charge it before you can use it.) You can find the mouse by installing the battery and turning on the mouse. You can use it.

Here are the detailed steps, just a few steps, OK, let's take a look at the picture with everyone.

The first step: First, open the wireless mouse box you bought. There are generally two parts in it, one is a mouse and the other is a receiver (equivalent to Bluetooth). The appearance is as follows:

Step 2: Insert the receiver into the USB port of the computer, and put the battery into the mouse (note that the positive and negative poles cannot be reversed). This will be reversed, which can only hit the tofu. Ha ha! After installing the battery, power the mouse The switch is on.

Step 3: Turn on the computer and use the wireless mouse.

Several issues to be noted when using a wireless mouse:

1. The wireless mouse uses a battery. It is recommended that you use a rechargeable battery. The general computer can also be used for a few months. When the mouse is found to be insensitive or useless, it usually runs out of electricity. Change the battery.

2. Keep the mobile phone and wireless router away from the wireless mouse as much as possible to avoid interference with the wireless mouse signal reception.

3. If the wireless mouse is not used for a long time, please remove the battery in the mouse to avoid leakage.

Post time: 2020-06-17