Improved power consumption + sinking prices for the development of TWS headphones

In addition to connectivity, power consumption is also an important parameter of the TWS headphone chip. Lower power consumption will improve battery life and improve user experience. In addition, the decline in chip unit price will also help accelerate penetration.

(1) Endurance

At present, most of the TWS earphones on the market can achieve more than 3 hours of battery life, and even more so as Samsung Galaxy Buds+ has achieved up to 11 hours of battery life. The battery life of the headset is closely related to the power consumption of the chip. In the past, the power consumption of the Bluetooth chip was generally around 20mA. The power consumption of the Bluetooth headset chip of the AC6936d model was reduced to 6mA, the power consumption of the Hengxuan BES2300 chip was as low as 4mA, and the power consumption of the Qualcomm QCC5144 chip was 5mA. Compared with the past 20mA power consumption, the battery life improvement brought is a qualitative leap. The development of lower power consumption solutions in the future will also become one of the core competitiveness of chip manufacturers.

Comparison of old and new chips

(2) Price

As more and more manufacturers enter, the price of TWS Bluetooth chips continues to sink. At present, the unit price of TWS Bluetooth chips from Qualcomm, Hengxuan, Luoda and other manufacturers is as low as 1-2 US dollars, and the main cost-effective chip suppliers such as mainland China The price of TWS Bluetooth headset chips provided by Jerry, Zhongke Lanxun and Realtek in Taiwan has fallen below US$1, which is one of the reasons for the explosive growth of white-brand TWS headsets in the second half of 2019. As a result, the shipments of these two manufacturers have soared, once reaching as high as about 50KK.

In October 2019, Jieli and Zhongke Lanxun's TWS Bluetooth headsets accounted for more than 60% of the market, and cheap TWS chips with a cost of less than US$1 occupied most of the market. The reduction in the cost of the A-series TWS earphones has helped accelerate the penetration. The Android-based TWS earphones are expected to occupy a larger market share at a faster growth rate.

Shipment of TWS Bluetooth Headsets in October 2019 (Unit: KK)

Post time: 2020-08-25