Looking ahead to 2020, despite the impact of the epidemic, we remain optimistic about the TWS headset market

Reasons for optimism about the TWS headset market:

(1) Supply side: Technology giants such as Amazon, Google and Microsoft are expected to enter the true wireless audible device industry and promote industry standardization through a platform strategy; while existing smartphone giants such as Samsung, Xiaomi and Huawei will also continue to expand their business, Development of new TWS earphones.


(2) Demand side: The first-generation products purchased in 2016 and 2017 will be phased out, and consumers' demand for replacement will soar, ushering in the first wave of replacements.


(3) Technical aspect: LE Audio low-power audio technology standard is released. Multi-Stream Audio will allow a single audio source device such as a smartphone to synchronize multiple and independent audio strings to multiple audio receiving devices. Streaming. This means that Bluetooth connectivity will fundamentally support low-latency binaural simultaneous interpretation, completely solving the technical problems of low-latency connection solutions.


Driven by the above factors, it is foreseeable that the TWS headset market will continue to grow steadily. We expect TWS headset shipments to reach 210-220 million units in 2020, with a five-year average annual compound growth rate of approximately 120%.

Post time: 2020-07-21