Bluetooth headsets

  • Detailed explanation of the connection solutions of various chip manufacturers, each of the three camps has its own characteristics

    The connection method is the essential difference between TWS headsets and traditional Bluetooth headsets, and its core points are low latency and stability. The traditional Bluetooth connection solution can only achieve the connection between the terminal and an audio device, so the traditional wireless headphones are head-mounted or neck-mounted, and the left and right speakers are wired, and the single main control chip receives the audio signal and distributes it to the left and right speakers . However, the TWS headset removes the shackles of wires, so chip manufacturers need to find another way to find audio connection solutions. Before LEAudio was launched, Bluetooth audio could only be connected one-to-one. In order to solve this problem, TWS chip manufacturers have developed various technical methods to ensure that the audio signal sent by the mobile phone can be transmitted to two headphones at the same time. At present, the mainstream solutions on the market can be divided into three types: monitoring, forwarding and dual transmission.
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