TWS earphone shipments climbed rapidly and continued to grow in 2020

With the improvement of performance and the improvement of user experience, more and more TWS earphones are recognized by users, and the shipment volume continues to accelerate, showing explosive growth. According to Counterpoint statistics, the global shipment of TWS headsets was 9.18 million in 2016, mainly contributed by the first generation of AirPods; with the subsequent iteration of AirPods new products and the entry of non-A companies into the market, the growth rate of TWS headset shipments continued to expand, 2017-2019 Shipments were 20 million, 46 million, and 129 million units, corresponding to 118%, 130%, and 179% of YOY. It has achieved more than doubled strong growth for three consecutive years. In terms of quarterly data, shipments of Q1-Q4 TWS headsets in 2019 were 17.5 million, 27 million, 33 million, and 51 million units, respectively, showing a quarter-to-quarter acceleration.


Post time: 2020-07-17